The life of the greatest Scottish Reformer.
The Second Coming of Christ comforts believers.
The Lord gives a judgment. Directions for making good judgments. True believers love the Lord. True believers obey the Lord.
Seven truths about the Holy Spirit. He is a Person. He is included with the Father and the Son. He is the Comforter. He is the Spirit of Truth. He…
Luther's conversion. The 95 Theses. The Diet of Worms. His wonderful marriage.
Thomas Goodwin's definition of Believe. Synergism and monergism. Why did Jesus have to leave before they did greater works? The greater works are found in the book of Acts.
Solving problems. 6 directions before the problem. 11 directions during the problem. 7 directions after the problem.
The Swiss Reformer in brief.
The story of an entire people group's love for truth and family over hundreds of years. The story of Jean Paschale. The story of Joshua Gianavello.

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