Marks of his savage past. His freedom from demons. 15 ways to be a home evangelist.
Sympathizing with Jesus. How is the Father greater than the Son? A critique of rationalism.
Son of a Catholic priest converted and became a godly pastor. Built a church and home inspiring 6 of his sons to become pastors.
Latimer's amazing conversion by the remarkable Mr. Bilney. His resilience highlighted in 3 ways.
The state of Roman Catholicism in the 1500's. Believers outside the Catholic church. The doctrines of the Reformation. The politics of the Reformation. Why are we Reformed?
8 gifts that Christ gives. 5 tests for discovering true peace. 3 examples of peace from the martyrs.
Observations from Mark 10 on divorce. Paul's argument in Romans 7 against divorce. A no-divorce syllogism from Ephesians 5. The "exception clause" in Matthew 19. Permanent marriage with unbelievers in…
A lawyer recants under torture then repents and dies gloriously for His Lord.
The man who translated the Bible into English bringing the clearest light to England.

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