Christ remembered His past experiences of glory. Memory is a gift from God. 2 glories Christ remembered.
Revelation 22:12 Rewards for Christian living
The world: Everywhere The devil: Skilled The flesh: Inside
Jesus glorified God on earth The theology of work
4 Reasons we cannot know God 10 Reasons we must know God 2 Kinds of knowledge of God 4 Ways God has made Himself known 18 Ways to know God
"The violent take it by force." "The way to life is hard." "Strive to enter the narrow gate." "Let him deny himself..." 3 tools to grow in holiness (The means…
5 truths about eternal life.
There are many gods. These gods are unknowable and changing. Demonic religion produces poverty. How should we view false religion?
Putting on Christ. Change is the core of sanctification. Holiness can be looked at three different ways.
Guilty Ignorance-- 3 kinds of fools 3 Results of guilty ignorance When should we overlook the sins of others? When should we not overlook the sins of others?

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