The work of the Spirit in prophesying. The coming apostasy. The doctrines of demons. Loyd Kamutimbe
4 ways the Father loves the Son. 11 evidences of true love.
7 Reasons the Song of Songs Speaks of Christ and the Church.
The Love of Christ examined in this amazing story of Christ on the cross.
10 Rules for Reading the Bible Correctly.
3 Reasons the Song of Songs refers to an earthly marriage. 5 lessons from the Song for a happy marriage.
Christ's obedience was public--"the world may know" Christ's obedience was precise--"I do exactly as the Father commands" Christ's obedience was proactive--"Arise, let us go from here"
The man who wrote over 150 books and is called the "prince of pastors."
The legendary evangelist who preached to thousands day after day for 30 years.
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