5 elements of true faith The amazing result of Christ's faith
3 Reasons to practice family worship Practical ways to begin this discipline in your home
Sanctification very common in Scripture But commonly ignored today A process, not an event Danger of antinomianism
The First request in the Lord's Prayer: Glorify Your Son 3 things He is not asking for 3 groups who may ask to be glorified  
The theme of the Sermon is the Kingdom of God The sections of the Sermon support the theme. The sermon is evangelistic.
4 Reasons this hour is very important 7 Other epochs to compare with this one 1 Result from this hour 3 Applications
Common people reaching others with the gospel. Practical help for evangelism.
4 prayer requests in Paul's letter to the Ephesians. 1. Strengthened in the inner man 2. Christ dwelling in your heart by faith 3. Able to comprehend the love of…
3 Observations about prayer 4 Ingredients in Christian prayer
One request: A spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. Three results: know His calling, His inheritance, and His power.

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