What does it mean for Christ to be forsaken by God? Imputation Substitution Propitiation Christ still forsaken by men
Paul thanks God for their genuine faith. They were being attacked by false teaching that sounds similar to today's false teaching. The answer developed at length. Preacher: Eric Graham
The difference between descriptive and prescriptive passages. A "king" is a Biblical command, and a "poet" is a Biblical description.
“No sermon is ready for preaching, not ready for writing out, until we can express its theme in a short, pregnant sentence as clear as crystal."
Weeping, sorrow, and suffering are certain realities. The necessity of suffering.
Verses before and after. Bonus: Cross references.

Insight~ Preaching 11

September 23, 2021
6 Descriptions of insight 5 Directions for attaining insight 2 Dangers of false imitations for insight
A survey of some of the most important teachings in Leviticus.
What does it mean to "glorify"? Why is it important to glorify the Son? How can we apply this doctrine?
Scripture cannot be understood without illumination from the Holy Spirit.

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