The Son glorifies the Godhead and yet is exalted by them. This is the basis for the command to love one another. Two ways this command is "new." What it…
30 reasons man is the head of woman. Excerpts from Henri Junod's "Man from Birth to Death." Scripture's view of a Christian man. Definition of Masculinity.
5 Marks of a Hypocrite from Judas at the Last Supper. 2 Sources that consistently produce hypocrites. 3 Guards to protect yourself from the danger of being a hypocrite. The…
Lord's Table meditation. How did Adam and Eve die the day they ate the fruit? What are the effects of that death? What happened after...
Who is the filthy woman in Revelation? Political, economic, and religious elements.
The judgments of Revelation viewed as a whole. Good to rejoice in God's judgments. Each individual Bowl explored.
One of the most important passages in Scripture teaching the heaviest, weightiest matter, 4:10-11. One of the clearest passages in Scripture teaching assurance of salvation and rebuking easy-believism, 4:12-13.
Who are the 144,000? Two kinds of hermeneutics. The gospel spreads to all the world.
Our Lord serves His people. Those not served by Him are not owned by Him. Counsel for overtalkers. Confession of sin after salvation. Following Christ in humbly serving others.