Seek the things above. 3:1-4 Kill the things below. 3:5-11 Put on the things of God. 3:12-17
How Adam represents his people. Who they are. How Christ represents his people. Who they are. Application: Godly hope removes false fear. Godly fear removes false hope.
Things not found in Heaven. Things that will be in Heaven. No more Apostles. The dimensions of Heaven. The glory of nations in Heaven. Rewards. Sola Scriptura: No more Prophets.
The earth and heaven run from Jesus Christ. Judgment according to works. Difference between Hades and the Lake of Fire.
4 ways the world dishonors women. 4 ways Christianity honors women.
Peter asks Jesus two questions and receives two answers. 4 marks of spiritual pride. 5 dangers of spiritual pride. 4 cures for spiritual pride.
7 actions Christ did for us when He came to earth. The great result for the Son from the Father.
What will the Millennium be like? How will believers rule the world? Two reasons God lets Satan out of the bottom less pit at the end of the 1,000 years.
When will Satan be bound? How will he be bound?
What happens at the Second Coming. The names of Christ. Destruction of the Antichrist and the false prophet.