Context as an application of the law of observation. The levels of context. Good and bad examples of observing the context.
The story of Jehu shows energetic, active, dramatic obedience, without true devotion to God.
The gospel according to Isaiah--66 chapters in 60 minutes.
Nine examples of love: Jacob, Moses, Jonathan, Hosea, the early church, Stephen, Peter, Paul, and the Lord Jesus.
The first principle of interpreting the Bible. “Look at the fish.“ 50 questions to ask about any text in the Bible. You can find the list of questions at:
A man who has experienced the grace of God and reflected on it must speak about it. Excuses people make for not evangelizing. Antidotes to those excuses. Practical methods for…
What must be the foundation in the mind and heart of someone seeking to understand Scripture? If these things are absent, the Bible will largely be a locked book.
The most important tools to help interpret and understand the Bible.
One of the most critical aspects of Biblical interpretation is whether you will pull the meaning out of the text or push the meaning into the text from your own…
Reasons love is glorious. Observations from first Corinthians 13 and the apostle John. Three common traps that stifle love.
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