Pelagius' teachings, and the religions that share them today. Augustine's teachings, and the religion that shares them today. Cassian's teachings, and the religion that shares them today.
The conversion of Constantine and its long term effects. Sacerdotalism: Citizens of the state become members of the church
Stories of the early church's faithfulness.
Perseverance. The story of the "lapsed" and the "confessors."
His conversion. Evangelized by an unknown old man. Writes books. Dies by the sword.
His unique qualifications. Training, missionary service, and imprisonment. The most amazing Christian who ever lived.
18 Biblical principles explaining the Christian view of children and childhood
Jesus is returning to the earth to give us Himself. What were the disciples afraid of? How was Jesus encouraging them?
Observations on 13 passages defining Godly womanhood. Contrast between the Bible and modern views.
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