4 prayer requests in Paul's letter to the Ephesians. 1. Strengthened in the inner man 2. Christ dwelling in your heart by faith 3. Able to comprehend the love of…
3 Observations about prayer 4 Ingredients in Christian prayer
One request: A spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. Three results: know His calling, His inheritance, and His power.
7 saving actions completed on the Cross.
7 ways that our Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God are similar. 3 practical uses of this doctrine.
7 descriptions of the Messiah. Some refer to the Incarnation, but some refer to the Second Coming. Why is this so?
Knowing, obeying, and loving. How to test conversion based on obedience to Christ.
1 Request: To having a discerning love 3 Results
Hebrews emphasizes the incarnation of Christ. What is the incarnation? 3 Reasons we must think about and love the incarnation.
The glory of Christ's work as an advocate. The extent of Christ's saving work.
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