Since we love the glory of Jesus Christ, we believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, and we know the future, eternal judgment of all who are outside Christ, Grace Bible Church has supported missions from the beginning of its history.

Missions Projects

Currently, we are involved in missions by helping churchplanters in Zimbabwe become self-supporting.

  • Wastemore and Mary Sarireni live in Rutenga, Zimbabwe about 3 hours across the border from South Africa. Together they have planted the Rock Baptist Church. They have three children and several adopted children.

Missions Philosophy

At Grace Bible, we aim to evangelize sinners as we plant self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating churches. That means our emphasis lies with evangelism and personal responsibility rather than social ministries. In God’s providence, few believers have yet been gathered from the rural areas of Africa, so our eyes are constantly looking to the poorest places. Since the prosperity gospel substitutes gold for God, success for salvation, health for holiness, and prophecies of earthly comfort for preaching the eternal gospel, we do not count those groups as Christian any more than an Islamic mosque. By God’s grace, we pray and give to those ministries that bring the gospel through long-term evangelism with the goal of planting New Testament churches.