Who We Are

Grace Bible Church is an English church plant in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province. In 2018, a handful of believers—nearly all first generation—began meeting out of a desire to form a church that would be known by gospel preaching, verse-by-verse exposition, and active evangelism.

Our current membership includes people speaking Venda, Shona, Afrikaans, English, and Tsonga. Our pastor is Seth Meyers, who has been planting churches among the Tsonga speaking people. He and his wife Amy have five children. Everyone is welcome regardless of color, class, or age.

To become a member at Grace, we look for those who have been born again, baptized, and are willing to sign our Church Covenant.

What We Believe

Statement of Faith (From The Baptist Confession of 1689)

  1. A Christian believes to be true whatever is revealed in the Word for it is the authority of God himself (Section 14.2).
  2. The Lord our God is the one and only living and true God (Section 2.1). … In this divine and infinite Being there are three persons, the Father, the Son (or the Word) and the Holy Spirit (Section 2.3).
  3. [All men] are by nature children of wrath, the servants of sin, the subjects of death and all other miseries—spiritual, temporal, and eternal—unless the Lord Jesus sets them free (Section 6.3).
  4. [The Son of God] was made sin and was accursed for us… He was crucified, and died …on the third day he rose from the dead (Section 8.4).
  5. [The Holy Spirit] takes away [the sinners’] heart of stone, and gives to them a heart of flesh (Section 10.1).
  6. [Believers] are justified by God imputing Christ’s active obedience to the whole law and his passive obedience in death (Section 11.1).
  7. By faith they receive and rest on his righteousness, and this faith they do no have of themselves for it is the gift of God (Section 11.1).
  8. By faith in Christ we humble ourselves over our sin with godly sorrow, hatred of it, and self-loathing (Section 15.3).
  9. All local churches ought to be [made of those]… who profess the faith of the Gospel … and who do not destroy their own profession by any fundamental errors, or by unholy behavior (Section 26.2).
  10. Christ wants us to be firmly persuaded that there will be a day of judgment, both to deter everyone from sin, and to give greater comfort to the godly in their adversity (Section 32.3).

Grace Bible Church Covenant

By the help of almighty God, we solemnly commit ourselves to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and obey His commands as expressed in this covenant.

  1. We commit to trust the blood of Jesus Christ as the full and complete payment for our sins. We will never lean on our baptism, church attendance, prayers, or even on our own faith, but shall always trust Jesus Christ alone as the ground of our eternal salvation.
  2. We commit to love one another at all times so that people will know that we love our God.
  3. We commit to speak the truth in all matters, small and great, at all times and to all people.
  4. We pledge to live a holy life and deny worldly lusts. We will not be conformed to this world but will be a light in our community.
  5. We commit to study the Bible and teach its truths to our children.
  6. We commit to evangelize our friends, relatives, and fellow men because the lake of fire is real and Jesus Christ is beautiful.
  7. We commit to attend all the meetings of the church.
  8. We commit to support the body financially in order to pay for expenses, help those in need, and spread the Gospel to all nations.
  9. We commit to humbly admit and quickly repent whenever we fall in one of these areas or any other sin mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. When we should sin, we call upon our fellow Christians to reprove us in love.

Because we love the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we have made these promises, and we hope to live in them until death should come or our Savior calls us to the clouds. Amen.

We hold to the system of doctrine in The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.